kellen (val624) wrote,

::this is the end of keeping it in::

so i'm sitting at home right now... oh so fun.... listening to this cd that evan burned me... some band that he thought i'd like... and i do, they're not bad... not bad at all... kind of a cross between i honestly don't know who they'd be a cross between... i hate sitting home alone most of the time... it gives me too much time to think and reflect... but i really didn't feel like being with danny and misty.... now that i think about it i don't know who i want to be around right now...

i'm gonna try to quit smoking... at least like get down to a pack a week... this pack a day shit is insane... and it's killing me... and i need to quit soon anyways... it's just better for me and i really need to start treating my body better or in 5 years i'll look 55...

my ears have been ungauged for awhile now... which is a good thing i suppose... i was just getting sick of having them like that... i dunno why.

i miss my sarah. me and her need to have our all night smoke-a-thon talks... i think i'm going through withdrawals...

i feel like at this moment i could be standing in the middle of a room full of people i know... and i could scream help me at the top of my lungs... and no one would even turn around to acknowledge my presence... that's such a shitty feeling
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